Okay fellas, here's what you're getting your girl for Valentine's Day:

A bra that matches her skin tone! Ah!? No? Well, anyway, if you're in the market, you might have a hard time fulfilling that wish, even if the gift was going to be for yourself.

That's because it's difficult to find bras that match the color of, well, ladies of color. An L.A. woman this year has set out to change that:

Tara Raines, a 31-year-old Angeleno and psychologist whose skin tone is flavorful enough that a cream bra just won't do, has started a Facebook campaign called “What's Your Nude,” to call out lingerie makers for their lack of product for minorities.

The title of the endeavor says it all: Oftentimes pale lingerie is labeled “nude.” But it's not nude for many African-Americans.

She told WWD this recently:

Women of color have tremendous spending power in the U.S. and it's absurd to think that in 2012 we are essentially disenfranchised when we shop for lingerie. It's my hope that this campaign will drive not only awareness, but swift action by bra makers.

She added:

I was horrified when I found out my mother had been dyeing bras all those years.

That ain't right. We here at L.A. Weekly will not sit idle as beautiful women of color go without the same choices in sexy, scintillating lingerie that people like Nicole Kidman have.

Make yourselves heard. “Like” her Facebook page. Use the #What'sYourNude hashtag on Twitter. Seek out that perfect shade of lingerie.

We stand with you.

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