After failing to show for a court appearance related to a 2007 DUI conviction, Lindsay Lohan was slapped with an alcohol-sniffing ankle bracelet. Now it looks like she might have to visit her favorite judge in Beverly Hills to explain why the thing went off on Sunday — about the time she was at an MTV Movie Awards after-party, according to People magazine.

Judge Marsha Revel is supposed to receive a report on the “SCRAM” device soon, and her options include putting Lohan behind bars for violating the terms of her bail, which include no alcohol.

Of course, these ankle monitors are supposed to be super-sensitive, and we assume there was a lot of booze at the party. On the other hand, if you knew there would be a lot of booze, and a whiff of it by your monitor could put you in the slammer, you might be wise to stay home.

Meanwhile, as we reported previously, Tila “Tequila” Nguyen has taken to calling the 23-year-old actress Lindsay Blowhan. Too bad there's not an ankle monitor for that kind of stuff.

LA Weekly