A boutique called Tough as Nails is suing the starlet/train wreck Lindsay Lohan for $17,000, alleging she bought clothes, jewelry and accessories and said her business manager would settle up, but the cash never arrived, according to the suit.

In March Lohan had to wait in line at a club — the horror! — and promptly said she was considering moving to New York City. Given that store owners around here sometimes expect to get paid in addition to the whole waiting-in-line thing, perhaps it's understandable she'd want to go East, though there's no reason to expect New Yorkers won't be totally merciless with her. They can be that way there.

Lohan has had a string of troubles lately, including missing a court date — related to her 2007 DUI probation — because she was partying in Cannes (as our colleague D. Romero put it: That wasn't a line of coke, it was salt for a one-sided margarita glass.) She wears an alcohol alarm bracelet that went off, which led to another arrest warrant.

Lohan has a probation violation hearing July 6.

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