Lindsay Lohan had a court hearing scheduled for Monday, but will she make it? TMZ reports that she was spotted partying in France despite having a court date in Los Angeles this week that she famously missed. Her attorney said she would scramble to get back to L.A. to face the judge in a probation hearing related to her 2007 conviction for driving under the influence.

At least one TMZ photo of Lohan in France, by the way, appears to depict the actress near a line of cocaine. A District Attorney's office official said the matter would not be brought up in court because there is no way do definitively determine what the white, power-like substance arranged in a line really is. (We're thinking its margarita salt for a one-sided glass).

A warrant for Lohan's arrest was issued by a Beverly Hills Superior Court judge Thursday after the 23-year-old failed to check in with the court as scheduled. The judge complained that Lohan had a history of flakiness in the matter, and bail of $100,000 was set.

Lohan reportedly made bail, however, making it unlikely that she'll be placed in handcuffs when — or if — she arrives at LAX. Her attorney told the court that she had lost her passport and was unable to get on a plane, but the judge wasn't having it, saying Lohan should have skipped the Cannes film festival, where she had gone to promote an upcoming film, if she had any doubt about her ability to be in court.

The judge also placed a new trio of conditions on Lohan's freedom: She can't drink alcohol, she has to wear a device that can detect the presence of drink, and she must submit to once-a-week drug testing. We're guessing that margarita salt isn't going to help her here.

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