Lindsay Lohan is free and living in the party capital of the planet, Venice (trust us on this one — she need only stick her head out the window to get any number of vices delivered via rastafarian or long-haired courier).

But not for long. Maybe.

The Riverside County District Attorney's office says that little dust up in rebab with recovery worker Dawn Holland last month could cost Lohan her get-out-of-12-step-free card and land her back in jail.

You see, fighting with someone while on probation is a violation of the rules. Authorities have alleged the incident, after the actress allegedly took off from the Betty Ford Clinic for a night out at a bar in December, constitutes battery.

And more than one judge has told Lohan that if she messes up her recovery she's back in the slammer.

The Riverside County D.A. is calling for an investigation before deciding whether to charge Lohan with battery.

The 24-year-old was otherwise expected to check in with the judge and report on her awesome progress (you know, AWOL at a bar, getting into a scuffle, living weed-dealer adjacent) Feb. 24.

Good luck.

The irony here is that a “recovering” party girl can find just as much vice behind bars as on the boardwalk.

LA Weekly