Update: Steamin' fresh KVB radio asks some Venice bartenders whether they would serve Lindsay. And you can bet Betty Ford won't like their answers! Originally posted at 2:22 p.m.

We're feeling really creepy right now, but we just saw a video of Lindsay Lohan's Mexican moving crew hauling all her shit into a new four-bedroom in Venice, and… we know exactly where it is.

As everyone and their little sister is reporting today, the condo happens to be snuggled right up next to a matching hers-and-hers condo that belongs to Lohan's ex, Samantha Ronson.

Which makes us feel much less creepy about stalking LiLo, seeing as there is nothing more stalkerish than moving in next door to an ex-lover who mostly wants to never see you again.

Here's the X17 Video clip where we first snooped Lohan's digs:

At the scene, Ronson was quoted as saying: “Trust me, it wasn't planned… Sorry, I'm way too pissed off right now.”

So there you have it: 419 Venice Way. A few short steps from the bus stop (heh), the beach and — most importantly — with a prime view into Ronson's window. Here's the $7,100-per-month listing, via Trulia:

Brand new sophisticated loft home for lease. Live/work in this masterful creative space just blocks to the beach. Impressive volumes of light-infused space, exquisite use of mahogany, Carrera marble, concrete, forged steel, & mosaic tiles. 2-story main living space opens to south-facing patio, floating stairway leading to large studio/office mezzanine, luxurious master suite & 2nd bedroom & bath on upper level. Roof deck with city, mountain & Palos Verdes views. Private garage.

There are rumors Lindsay's family will be moving in with her. (It also appears Lohan now lives right next to a certain “Palais Professional Organizer,” which she might consider hiring for a little life organization. Or just a simple lesson of keeping one's hands to one's self.)

As we told you yesterday, Lohan has been discharged from the Betty Ford rehab center and unleashed upon the Los Angeles club scene. Watch out, Roosterfish! The girl has been known to get rowdy, especially when Ronson's around. That is, if the Riverside sheriff doesn't pen her for probation violation or hand-to-hand battery first.

What do you say we stop by with some cookies, but for to welcome Hollywood's fragile new starlet to the 'hood?

Welcome home, drunkie; Credit: Technorati.com

Welcome home, drunkie; Credit: Technorati.com

Update: L.A. news-radio veteran Michael Linder's brand-new Venice station is hot on the Lohan trail today (in between flimsy elevator electro sets, that is): One of his spritely young volunteers just interviewed an Aussie-sounding bartender from the Venice Whaler about a potential visit from Linds. Though we don't really see the Whaler as her kinda place…

Joe Praino asks the bartender whether she would serve Lohan a drink, given the former child star's tumultuous, highly publicized struggle with addiction.

“I don't see why not,” says the bartender. “It's really none of my business.”

Baja Cantina bartender Doug takes it even further. He says: “I would not have a problem serving her, but… I'd have to keep a strict eye on her.” He then waxes totally pervy, saying he'd be willing to make certain drink-volume exceptions to let Lindsay drink more, and would allow her to dance on the bar so that he could watch. Wow.

There ya go, LiLo! If the trendy Abbot Kinney bars won't have you, at least the beachside Whaler and Washington Boulevard frat-fest are down to dole out some drinks for you to throw in chicks' faces.

As for the rest of us Venetians: Now is the time to ready ourselves for a paparazzi thundersnow of Loko proportions. Sigh.

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