The swallows might not always return to San Juan Capistrano these days, but the television news helicopters will buzz high above Beverly Hills like clockwork Tuesday morning as Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to appear in Superior Court there.

It has become somewhat of a supernatural tradition, watching Lohan enter Beverly Hills court. That's because the 24-year-old actress can't seem to get her shit together long enough to shake a three-year-old DUI conviction, and her screw-ups snowball into further punishment (and helicopters buzzing over Beverly Hills).

This time around a judge is expected to determine whether she violated probation when her alcohol-monitoring anklet went off June 6 while she was reportedly at an MTV Movie Awards after-party. (Her attorney has said Lohan passed a urine test that morning and the actress has denied drinking).

The judge will also decide of Lohan has completed court-ordered alcohol education in a timely fashion. She missed some classes last year and got an extra year of probation as a result.

TMZ reported she was seen Monday at an alcohol class in Glendale. For someone who has complained more than once about how L.A. sucks, Lohan sure does spend a lot of time here. She's just lucky it's not hard time.

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