Lindsay Lohan's spiral of chaos continued today when she showed up late to the L.A. County morgue to perform community service. This a day after she was jailed for failing to abide by the terms of her probation, specifically for failing to perform community service as ordered.

The judge, as always, said she wasn't playin.' ” … Probation is a gift. It's a gift. It's not a right,” said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner. Lohan was jailed but soon bailed.

And then this morning …

… Lohan was 41 minutes late to an 8 a.m. call time at the L.A. County morgue, according to City News Service's interview with coroner's Chief Craig Harvey.

Way to get back on track, Lohan.

Gawker reported that, while the Venice actress isn't so good at showing up for her punishment court-appointed work, she did find time to whiten her teeth.

Lohan tweeted today:

With all of the stress and pressure from yesterday and today, I've never been so happy to go to therapy!!!!

And, about those teeth: There has been much speculation that certain kinds of self abuse have led to the Anglification of Lohan's chompers.

Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew

Last night on the radio show Loveline (at KROQ 106.7 locally), Dr. Drew Pinsky and sidekick “Psycho” Mike predicted that Lohan would be dead within a year.

Pinsky bravely alleged that Lohan had graduated from street drugs to prescription medications that would put her in a grave, he said, like Amy Winehouse.

We don't have the medical expertise to agree or disagree, but it would certainly appear Ms. Lohan isn't exactly headed in the right direction.


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