No time of the year sees more segregation -contention even- amongst music lovers than this, Coachella weekend. If you're going, it's all you can think/talk about. If you're not, you probably don't wanna hear it. There's no need to be a hater, though. For the “unfortunate” souls who will be stuck in LA all weekend remember this: 1) there's plenty of fun stuff to do right here in town (Hello? Prince?), 2) many “surprise” and “unannounced” guests tend to pop up in LA after the fest, and unlike those who trudged the desert sludge, you'll be rested and refreshed when you seek them out, 3) if you stay away from Twitter and Facebook, you really wont know what you're missing (or have to endure with all those braggy, obnoxious “so and so is killing it” posts!). Do, however, read this blog for proper music critiques and scene accounts from the field, plus an offsite Coachella party report from moi! Here, the hottest haps for those staying in town:

Fri., April 15

Dough dropped on desert fest or no, this week we're all in the same boat in one way: it's “mind on my money and money on my mind” time, aka IRS deadline day! The wacky party peeps behind Wig Out! have chosen to celebrate this downer with an upper event that “romanticizes” the process. “Get Your New Romantax On” will celebrate the sexy colored hair and synthy music goodness of Adam Ant, Duran Duran et al with a long list of dramatic performers and DJ Jason Savy spinning the best of the genre. At 3 Clubs, 1123 Vine Street, Hlywd. $8 with wig, $10 without. Info here.

Goth schlockers and villainous vamps will fly into Batcave, which marks its 2nd anniversary with a return to where the party began- Medusa Lounge. Dress up as your favorite evil character for the “Villians Ball” and dance to darkwave and industrial from DJs Scott Savak, Michael Ciravolo, Skum, Robo and Jermz. 3211 Beverly Blvd. Info here.

Sat- Sun.- April 16-17

The Standard Downtown appears to be the HQ his weekend for anti (or shall we say alternative) Coachella revelry. Sat.: Incognito presents Drenched-ella, featuring Dutch dance music fave Julien Chaptal's first LA DJ gig. The “new skool techno” head is joined by local heroes Franco Benito, Joe Bickle, Ram Sampath and Mr. Jeckle & Dr. Hyde. RSVP here.

Sun: Disco Diveis billed as a “party for those not hitting the desert” so don't expect to stay dry at this one. Free pool toys & gifts, interactive art and sounds from NYCPartyInfo, Beat Ventriloquists, Ed Gold, Jas James and more. RSVP here.

Both above at The Standard Downtown LA Rooftop, 550 S Flower St. 1-8 p.m.

Mon., April 18

How do you say dee-licious, dee-lovely,
dee-lectable, dee-vine? It was and will always be Dee-lite's Lady Miss Kier, of course. NYC's original dance-pop “Lady” (let's call it: Gaga owes as much to her as Madonna) may not be fronting pop groups anymore but she still a deck diva and hearing her spin at Mustache Mondays' big new venue (and on the big new sounds system) is sure to make this clique groove in ways you don't want to miss. At the Belasco Theatre 1050 S. Hill St. Info on MM's Twitter here.

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