Lina in L.A.– FYF FASHION!

Just what does “festival fashion” mean, anyway? At FYF Fest 2014, it was a mix of colorful, cartoony get-ups (Disney, Sanrio, rainbow brights), Boho hippie looks (floppy hats, long dresses, florals, fringe everywhere), '90's and grunge redux (flannels, combat boots, crop tops, denim cut-offs), neon hair and strange 'do's (shockingly, few beards!), fandom (buttons, baseball hats, tour tees…. The Strokes won the fest band tee bout for sure) and weirdo costumes and masks. FYF is very L.A., so naturally it was a WTF-fashion hodge podge and we loved it. Frock yeah!

LA Weekly