Just yesterday I was talking to Lily Allen's manager Neale and he mentioned something “big and fashiony” was about to happen with Lily, but declined to go into more detail. Then lo and behold, I read this on Spin.com today:

“diminutive British singer Lily Allen might be tapped as Chanel's hot new face for 2007, the Sun's Bizarre column reports. The chart-topping Allen, who recently made her U.S. debut has flown to Paris to meet with Chanel chief Karl Lagerfeld, who, according to a source quoted in Bizarre, thinks Allen's half-chav, half-couture aesthetic might be the breakout look for 2007.”

Allen, whose debut album Alright, Still comes out in the US at the end of this month, is known for wearing Chanel frocks and oversized hoop earrings on stage. Kate Moss was the face of Chanel until the end of 2006, with Kiera Knightly announced as the face of Coco Mademoiselle not so long ago, and rumors of some Lindsay Lohan deal too. now it looks like Lagerfeld has got his culturally-savvy talons in to the 21-year-old Allen.

Last October, Spin reported that Cat Power's Chan Marshall was also being considered by Lagerfeld to become the face of his jewelry collection…not sure if that one ever came through through.

Lily Allen plays at the Fonda on Feb 5…I wonder what she'll be wearing…

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