Bay Area rapper Lil B — the one who brought you “Ellen DeGeneres,” the song, only two weeks ago — has struck again, releasing a new free song called “I Killed Hip Hop,” subtitled …


Lest you think it's little more than an attention grab (as was leveled at the Ellen song, though we'd argue it rightly celebrates the talk show hosts' own peculiar brand of swag), B brought in a heavy hitter to back him up, Queens rap vet Cormega.

In the lyrics of the song, B casts himself as a hitman who's been hired to take out a very unusual target:

This dude named Hip Hop / He old and his hips rock / He need to get off the block / There's new blood around town.”

It's safe to assume this is not the same Hip Hop (female) who was the subject of Common's 1994 classic, “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” though sources say the two may be related.

It also seems safe to assume he's calling Kanye an old man. Of course, Lil B isn't of legal drinking age yet, so that's fair enough. The caustic stance against rap's not-so-old guard is a hallmark of its latest innovators. (See Odd Future.)

B gives respect to his East Coast forbears, and takes overt shots at the industry, mentioning “360 deals” and “album options” — words he's no doubt hearing quite often these days.

The beat sounds like something that could've been on an early Anticon album, and Cormega's role is, well, minimal.

Lil B: I killed hip-hop.

Cormega: Man, fuck n*ggas, man, for real.

DOWLOAD: Lil B ft. Cormega – “I Killed Hip Hop” [link]

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