For better or worse, pop-up selfie havens are here to stay. The trend, which started as a marketing tool, has become virtually synonymous with social media. These art-driven environments and installations were created to immerse one’s self in and yes, take pics while doing so, but these days they are less about the real life experience and all about the FOMO-inducing photos (in real time and days later). Which isn’t a bad thing. Instagram selfies, Twitter pics, Snapchat clips and Facebook videos are part of what makes online platforms fun these days. The emphasis on “influencers” paying visits is a bit douchey, but in some ways these places serve to equalize us all (follower counts not withstanding). We can all go and share the same colorful shots, after all.

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(Lina Lecaro)

If you’re not one to share imagery on social media, there’s almost no point in attending a pop-up. That is, unless you happen to be really into the subject matter. In the coming weeks I’ll be spotlighting all the pop-ups still popping in L.A. (Tacotopia, World of Fruit, Museum of Illusions) and advancing more to come.

But I Like Scary Movies deserves a shout-out (scream out?) today because it’s about to be get buried after this weekend. Well,  in L.A. anyway (press materials seem to suggest it may go the route of Candytopia and set up in other cities in the future).

Re-creating and in some cases re-interpreting scenes and images from films including It, Beetlejuice, The Lost Boys, A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Shining, this pop-up experience is one of the few that actually is fun to walk through, even if you’re camera-shy. It would have made more sense during Halloween season but this is L.A., which has a huge horror fanbase and loves macabre stuff year-round. Yes, in L.A. we really do like scary movies, and we’ve got the screenings, art shows, bands and stores to prove it. If you like ’em, you probably want to creep over before it’s dead.

Desmond Building, 5514 Wilshire Blvd., Mid-Wilshire; $39, all ages. Final Weekend (open through Sun., July 14). More info and tickets at

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