Allergic to Latex? Have a huge schlong or a fuck buddy with packed pants? Well now there's a condom just for you.

Lifestyles has released an extra-huge version of its proprietary Skyn condom, the only condom on the market made of a natural rubber-like material called polyisoprene that's as stretchy, durable and reliable as latex but won't chafe your vag and/or spawn little itchy bumps between your legs.

We all know someone who's given their friends Magnum XL condoms as a joke, but believe it or not there's a significant number of men who simply find a condom with a wider opening to be more comfortable.

But the King Kongs whose members – or partners – were sensitive to the touch of latex were S.O.L. as there were no latex-free options for the larger penises of the world.

Until now.

A source close to Lifestyles tells AfterDarkLA that though customer request for extra-large nonlatex condoms have poured in ever since the day regular latex ones were came in XL, condom manufacturers couldn't make it happen.

Most latex-free condoms are made of polyurethane, a flexible and durable polymer, and though it's an effective alternative it's significantly more expensive to produce. The cost of making larger-sized condoms using that material would be too high for the size of the market buying and wearing them.

But Lifestyles made some kind of breakthrough with polyisoprene, which is just as stretchy and reliable as latex and polyurethane, but costs almost the same as latex to produce.

This means cost is no longer an issue when needing enough of it to make a condom that's almost 8 inches long and 2.2 inches wide. (Yeah, that's how big Lifestyles Skyn Large are. Eeek.)

I keep mine next to the C-notes.

I keep mine next to the C-notes.

But you don't have to be a donkey to need large-sized condoms. One sexually active AfterDarkLA reader shared that once she and her boyfriend discovered Magnums weren't just for gag gifts, their sex life changed dramatically.

Regular condoms constricted the blood flow to his penis so much so that they'd fuck for an hour in every position possible before she had to call for a time out to ice her vag.

So Magnum Gargantuan XLs it was, every night, sometimes several times a night, until the itching started. It wasn't long before it was clear that, no matter how much lube and stretching she did, latex condoms made her vaginal walls feel raw after just a few thrusts.

Wonder if you might have a latex allergy? Symptoms range across the board – some men and women experience more of a mild irritation rather than a full-on allergic reaction but there are some folks out there who'll start sneezing, coughing or even go into anaphylactic shock. That's certainly a boner (and person) killer.

Just as with any condom, make sure you use a bucket-load of lube in order to keep a slick barrier between your sensitive skin and the condom and be sure to reapply liberally.

Remember: Using lube doesn't mean she's broken or you're not turning her on. Latex often can dry out the vagina faster than a bare penis, as can a ceiling fan or breeze blowing in from the open window you're fornicating in front of.

So don't be embarrassed and keep a bottle at arm's reach so you don't have to press pause on the VCR.

And if you find other parts of your body end up feeling irritated after latex has been close by, you might want to give the alternatives a try.

Fortunately now there's an option for all you more endowed gentlemen. Happy humping!

LA Weekly