Courting the Reporter

Just a note to express appreciation for Steven Mikulan’s coverage of the Spector trial. Mikulan’s work constantly has resonated in the halls of the good work your paper has always done. Officially we are now left with candy-cane Phil’s most egregious crime being ruining “Let It Be.” [The final installment of the Phil Noir series appears on page 23. —Editor]

Paul McGuire

Los Angeles

Rocky Relations

How unsurprising to learn of yet another grotesquery from Mr. Delgadillo, admirably highlighted in your paper [“Delgadillo’s War,” Sept. 7–13]. This particular piece of wrecking-ball/cash-is-king action and philosophy is enabled by the mediocrity of Tom LaBonge, Renee Weitzer and gang, who have the collective sensitivity and vision of wallpaper.

How unsurprising that your calls concerning legal preservation issues are ignored or stonewalled by all the administrators. Do these people think that tourists are attracted to Hollywood by a new Holiday Inn or high-rise apartments? What little is left of the historic fabric of the place is its strength. Having half a brain —and no self-serving agenda — tells you this. Hollywood is ill-served by this bunch.

Lawrence J. Pippick

Los Angeles

Crush Hour Too

Whether or not she is a lesbian (and, God, I hope not), Jodie Foster is the best possible example of a strong and sexy, feminine beauty, whatever her sexual orientation [“Her Killer Instinct,” Sept. 7-13]. She’s always looked 13 to me. Also a great actress and a thinker since age 12. What’s not to love? You know, she’s even kind of Streep-like, isn’t she? She disappears [into a role]. And what a mouth. I must end; after all, I have a jealous wife.

Name withheld

Better to Give . . .

Donors are people who give . . . the people in your article are sperm sellers, much like folks who sell rather than give their blood [“The God of Sperm,” Sept. 28–Oct. 4]. Blood sellers are pretty much looked down upon. It seems to me that guys that repeatedly show up at sperm banks are lazy jerkoffs. Ladies, take note of this — and buyer beware!

James Remar

Los Angeles

Where’s the “Easy? Button”?

Regarding your new listings format on the L.A. Weekly home page, I cannot find the “events” button. There are way too many things to sift through, and I only would like to see the events. Is that a possibility? I have been navigating this site for over 20 minutes and have yet to find that. This is a great resource for me and I would like to continue using it, if it is possible.

Beth Dubber

Los Angeles

Good question. In “L.A.’s Essential Calendar” box at, click on “MORE” and you’ll find a link to events — as well as new links to other listings categories.

Staff Writer Opening

The L.A. Weekly has an immediate opening for a full-time staff writer. We’re looking for an experienced journalist who understands the difference between magazine-style reporting and the hurried fact finding of daily papers. Candidates should have a solid background in news. If your copy is as much a pleasure to read as it is well researched, we want to hear from you. We offer competitive salaries and benefits. Send your best clips, a résumé and a cover letter to:

L.A. Weekly Editor Laurie Ochoa

c/o Pandora Young

6715 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028


Due to an editing error in “The God of Sperm” (Sept. 28–Oct. 4), comments from Northwest Andrology sperm bank were inadvertently left out of the story. Regarding the controversy over whether the sperm-banking industry should create registries to identify sperm donors who are currently anonymous, Northwest Andrology owner Sam Henrichs said: “I thought — and still do think — the donor-sibling registry is a great idea.” Henrichs conceded that his company once asked one of its sperm donors to remove his name from a voluntary donor registry website, but said, “it was part of his contract. We are not able to enforce other parts of that contract if we knowingly let donors breach it whenever they wish.”

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