A Great Communicator

I read with interest your profile of Richard Alarcón [“The
,” February 11–17]. I agree with your assessment of his chances
to win.
I also agree that this is sad. Richard Alarcón came to speak at our high school last year (St. Genevieve, in Panorama City), and he electrified the student audience. Richard is smart, down-to-earth and has some good ideas. I wish he could raise the money he needs to communicate to voters, because that could change the dynamic of the race. Richard, if the mayoral thing does or doesn’t work out, you are always welcome here. The rest of the candidates too, of course.

—Brian Dennert
Panorama City

Now, That’s Funny

Robert Greene’s characterization of the warm-up comedian at CBS’s
mayoral debate [“Babbling
,” February 18–24] was way off-base. Had he been paying attention,
he’d know she was not making fun of the homeless, she was making fun of the
system in which a woman with a high school education can make a better living
as a legal secretary than someone with a Ph.D. The entire message of the joke
was that our society doesn’t value education.
Now, that’s funny.

—Richard Tanner
Silver Lake

Thanks? You’re Welcome

Your leftist, socialist, defeatist, apologist, collaborationist,
propagandistic paper continues to be a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party.
As long as your editors continue to let fly ignorant pieces like Doug Ireland’s
Lowest Grade of
Ignorance: George Bush and His Influence on the Republic
” [February 11–17],
Americans in L.A. will continue to think that Democrats adhere to the wacko
ramblings posing as editorial journalism that you print. Thank you, L.A.
Weekly, and every other leftist/socialist politician, journalist,
pundit and actor, for marginalizing the Democratic Party and helping to prevent
us from making gains in elected office throughout the country.

—Victor Cass

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