We've heard of pills stamped with the Mitsubishi car symbol, smiley-face icons and even Snoopy. But E in the likeness of the President of the United States? Yes we can: Authorities in Texas arrested a man who they say had 200 ecstasy pills in the shape and likeness of President Obama in his possession.

The bust happened in Palmview, a border town, according to reports. But we wonder if the Es were headed for L.A., the ecstasy capital of the nation, a place where 135,000 ravers have been known to invade the Los Angeles Colesium for two days to listen to trance.

A 22-year-old man was arrested for drug possession. Authorities were concerned that the candy looking Obama pills could end up in the hands of kids.

It's a sad prospect: Some spikey-haired, shirtless trance boy slangin' Obamas in the corner of the warehouse party. Ravers would be forced to say things like: How many Obamas did you drop; Obama feels warm and fuzzy; And, has that Obama kicked in yet? Looking at the jobless rate and the deficit, not yet.

LA Weekly