See also: KDAY, the Gangsta Rap Oldies Station, Breaks New Ground by Playing Music From the Bad Old Days

Below are some illustrations of rappers. (The top is an example.) They also contain hints to help you guess who they are.

There are 15 total. If you miss more than three, you lose and everyone you love will be fed to a hungry lion (which we keep here at the West Coast Sound offices, conveniently enough). If you miss three or less, you get a pair of VIP tickets to the Fake Music Festival that we just invented this very second. You should probably write down your answers. Good luck.

1. This guy.

2. That other guy.

3. The guy with the thing.

4. That one dude.

5. He's the guy that did that song.

6. Oh, right. This guy.

7. The fellow that didn't do the thing.

8. That guy that isn't that other guy.

9. This guy.

10. That guy that's not this guy.

11. The chillbro from the place.

12. Ha. Forgot about that guy.

13. The one. You know the one.

14. Him too.

15. And the last guy.

Answers below

So, how'd you do? It's the lion, isn't it?

Answer Key

1. Rick Ross. He's got them motherfuckers flyin' 'cross the Atlantic.

2. Ice Cube. Remember when he made movies like Higher Learning and not Are We There Yet?

3. Vanilla Ice. He was rolling in that 5.0.

4. LL Cool J. His portrayal in Deep Blue Sea as a chef on a shark death trap shines brightly in the annals of American cinema.

5. MF Doom.

6. Lil Wayne.

7. Drake. Good 'ol Wheelchair Jimmy.

8. Snoop. (Soul Plane)

9. Pimp C.

10. Biggie. Does anyone know if that one guy's daughter is still tied up in that Brooklyn basement?

11. Jay-Z. 99 of them, to be exact.

12. Nelly. I'm glad people decided not to get their eagle on. That song was the worst.

13. Kanye. Duh.

14. Slick Rick.

15. Tupac. (Nothing But Trouble)

See also: KDAY, the Gangsta Rap Oldies Station, Breaks New Ground by Playing Music From the Bad Old Days

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