Oh my, sole!

He's a boob guy, that one's a derriere dude…oh, and him? He's got a weird thing with feet.

Fetishes are usually associated with negative perception and attitudes, but this “freaky” sexual attraction to feet mounts over all types related to body parts, dominating at 47 percent, which mostly men possess.

Multifarious and worth getting to know better, it's beyond the scope of male preference, like your last boyfriend dating you cause your gluteus maximus fit the bill, or Charlie Sheen recently confessing he can't date women with the second toe longer than the first. Way beyond.

Here's a better understanding, so we don't start hopping on the sexual norm wagon in the Internet era. And let's hear out this “mainstream” fetish by virtue of the fetish world and directly from a podophilist and my girlfriend who experienced not one, but two! Totally by chance.

This fetish is, basically, a sexual interest in feet — more so than other parts of the body — taking special notice to feet (toes, soles, shoes, toenails) and involves an array of activities involving rubbing, sucking, licking, dressing, manicuring, massaging, kissing and caressing for sexual stimulation.

Sex counselor and author of She Comes First, Ian Kerner, says a lot of people are aroused by feet and enjoy incorporating foot-play into sex-play, but they're not solely aroused by the foot, as would be the case with a fetish.

Foot fetishists range from desiring certain shapes and sizes of feet, well-manicured toes, certain types of toes (ex. Charlie Sheen's type), foot accessories, particular foot wear, and even smelly or dirty feet. And some like all of the above.

James, (name changed for anonymity), first realized his foot fetish in high school when he started to take notice of his teacher's feet and those of fellow classmates. He's one of the ones who likes “all of the above.” His fetish didn't start out that way, but evolved just like long term partners' sex-play turns more salacious and dirty with time.

James' favorite acts with the feet are to kiss, lick and smell them. And I asked: What's the most wildest activity you've done? His response:

“[She] stepped on a banana and have me clean the banana off of her shoe. Not only the banana, but…anything on the shoe, like dirt.”

Like I said, his preference evolved.

Before learning more about the fetish, my predisposition was that foot fetishists fancy pristine feet and shoes, but now I know otherwise and that there's actually a market for well-worn shoes on eBay. The highest bid for dirty flip flops is going for $99.99, for real.

So raw.

So raw.

My girlfriend, Jessie, (name also changed for anonymity), found her feet being worshipped like a pair of goddesses by two of her exes. One of them didn't want her feet to be seen by others and trips to the beach were spent wearing sand-unfriendly sneakers. Both men liked their ladies' feet square and close to each other, with one of them dirty and other more well maintained.

But how did Jessie like it?

“Every night I would get a foot massage and I loved it. One of them liked to give it every day. He used to put on nail polish and cream.”

Sounds very lovely.

Her relationships didn't end because of the foot fetish and she embraced the fact that her feet provoked excitement in these men. And it worked out even better because her ankles (actually an erogenous zone) and feet happen to be very sensitive.

“[Some] are fortunate enough to have sexual partners who, in the words of columnist Dan Savage, are sexually GGG (“good, giving and game”) and are willing to stretch their definition of the taboo and incorporate their partner's fetish into their sex-play,” says Kerner.

Jessie is GGG and I'd call her the foot princess, cause she sure didn't mind being pampered like one.

For James, he hasn't yet found a woman truly open and accepting of it, unlike Jessie who thinks everyone should be open to date one.

“If someone is only turned on by a single sexual cue (like feet) it could lead to a high level of relationship distress if their partner is not empathetic,” Kerner said. “So yes, fetishes of all stripes can lead to relationship distress.”

In a utopian sex world, we'd all be GGG, but it isn't so and foot fetishists can come across relationship issues. But even so, the Internet (hallelujah!) can be a solution.

“Luckily, many people who would normally be distressed by a fetish are now finding like-minded peers via the Internet and/or some form of erotic stimulation (such as specialty porn) that caters to their specific interests,” Kerner said.

And that is very so, with porn, sex toys and even private events that cater to this “common” fetish. And then I stumbled upon the pussy foot.

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