Let’s Dance with Alphanaut: Mark Alan of Palm Spring new wave band Alphanaut told us about his Bowie experience.

Mark Alan: I have many fond memories of concert going over my lifetime but my favorite, and one of my first, has to be seeing David Bowie back in the mid ’80s. Bowie was riding the wave of his successful Let’s Dance album, and the Serious Moonlight tour was a dazzling and exhilarating experience. I had been an instant fan of Bowie’s once I discovered the Heroes album in a used record bin. Listening to those tunes forever changed my perspective on what rock ’n roll and pop music could sound like. 

Soon I had collected David’s entire back catalog and I remember being surprised by how many tunes I was familiar with having heard them on the radio, but not knowing they were his. So that night of the live show it was a mind blowing experience to witness his performance and hear so many songs that were my new favorites at the time. An extra special bonus to just being at the concert, was having my little sister Stephanie there for the experience.

She couldn’t have been more than 14 at the time and this was her first live show ever. Steph didn’t know a lot of Bowie’s music, but she loved the singles from Let’s Dance and was thrilled to be there with her big brother. I still clearly remember singing at the top of our lungs together to many of the songs and bonding over the whole experience. To this day Stephanie and I reflect on that concert as a really special experience in our lives.

Let’s Dance with Alphanaut: Alphanaut’s album On Some Planets This is Pop is out now.

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