Growing up in L.A. and frequenting nightclubs, art shows and punk gigs, Danny Fuentes became a fan, follower and friend to purveyors of alternative fashion, which led to creating spaces for them in his own gallery and club events. In this new L.A. Weekly Friday fashion feature, Fuentes shoots and spotlights the most creative creatures and clothes whores in Los Angeles, beloved in the clubs and on Instagram.

Says Fuentes:

Los Angeles is a breeding ground for creativity, a place where an excess of events offers opportunities to dress up and soak up the culture seven nights a week if one desires. You can make the weekend last all seven days if you really want to, and make going out an extension of your livelihood. In L.A. less is more and more is always more interesting

We live in a post–David Bowie universe, a generation of post-everything. In some way or another, everything has already been done. But there are those who pull from the past to help shape the future. Those who make it a mission to stand out, provoke, question norms and create dialogue just by stepping out in a public situation and forcing you to look in awe at the dazzling display of their sheer existence.  

Behold our spotlight on L.A. people with personal style so wild, it's lethal.

Eudrick; Credit: Danny Fuentes

Eudrick; Credit: Danny Fuentes

Artists/nightlife personalities

Who are you?
Eugene Huffman and Fredrick Faith, aka Eudrick. As a couple we are a yin and yang of each other, both possessing very dominant, vibrant personalities that collaborate to create presence, rather than subtract from each other. Our taste for the niche and offbeat bonds us, which is quite evident in the expressions we choose.

What do you do?
Fredrick is a costumer, designer, director and filmmaker. He has recently delved into bringing his brand — Pretorius Pictures — back into the forefront, and has some exciting video projects on the horizon. Eugene is an artist (abstract expressionist), curator and HIV+ activist. We are a serodiscordant couple (one positive — one negative) … an aspect that plays into not only our activism but our artistic collaborations as well.

What are you wearing?
A Eudrick collaboration — the jackets and pants were painted by Eugene in his “liebeKunst” abstract style using acrylic and metallic paint. Underneath, we’re sporting hand-knotted rope harnesses built around the pentagram. Fredrick studied costume designer Giulia Piersanti’s illustrations in the recent film Suspiria, and taught himself shibari to re-create the “Volk” dancers’ expressionist look.

What are your inspirations?
We are both inspired by trauma and influenced by beauty. Nightlife provides a space in which we can express our adoration of the classics, our enthusiasm for camp and our reverence for the bizarre. We’re aware of a pattern moving in the universe; we hear it in the music of Siouxsie Sioux, Chris & Cosey, and Cocteau Twins. We see it in German expressionist cinema from the 1920s, portraits by Pierre et Gilles, paintings by Hieronymus Bosch and Frida Khalo, fashions by Eiko Ishioka, Alexander McQueen and Thierry Mugler. We feel it in our queer history and the stories of those who’ve lived a provocative life.

See more from Eudrick's dynamic duo on Instagram.
Eugene Huffman @Liebekunst_art
Fredrick Faith @Fredrixfaith

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