Growing up in L.A. and frequenting nightclubs, art shows and punk gigs, Danny Fuentes became a fan, follower and friend to purveyors of alternative fashion, which led to creating spaces for them in his own gallery and club events. In his Friday fashion feature, Fuentes shoots and spotlights the most creative creatures and colorfully caustic clothes whores in Los Angeles, beloved in the clubs and on Instagram.

Says Fuentes:

Los Angeles is a breeding ground for creativity, a place where an excess of events offers opportunities to dress up and soak up the culture seven nights a week if one desires. You can make the weekend last all seven days if you really want to, and make going out an extension of your livelihood. In L.A. less is more and more is always more interesting We live in a post–David Bowie universe, a generation of post-everything. In some way or another, everything has already been done. But there are those who pull from the past to help shape the future. Those who make it a mission to stand out, provoke, question norms and create dialogue just by stepping out in a public situation and forcing you to look in awe at the dazzling display of their sheer existence.

Behold this week's spotlight on personal style so wild, it's lethal.

Credit: Brandon Rizzuto

Credit: Brandon Rizzuto

Valentine Anger
Drag artist/host/nightlife personality

Tell us about yourself.
I go by Valentine. I identify as a two-spirit male. I feel I am equally filled with male and female energy, but I was born male and I'm cool with that.

What are you wearing?
This piece I made myself. I make most of all I wear.

Credit: Rob Sanchez

Credit: Rob Sanchez

What are you inspired by?
Pattern, shape, color. I've watched a lot of Nelson Sullivan videos, '80s/'90s club kid fashion and '90s rave fashion. I'm also inspired by the other queens here in L.A.

Favorite icon?
Leigh Bowery. He was ahead of his time and really let his freak flag fly.

Why do your looks have your face covered?
I don't always cover my face. I do makeup from time to time. As a fan of Bowery, the face-covering is an ode to him. Also the face cover adds to the pattern play in my looks.

Your most memorable outfit?
My Arizona Tea can look. [See below.]

Credit: Samantha Fielding

Credit: Samantha Fielding

Trends you hate or love?
Most are over before they began.

Where do you like to show off your looks in L.A.?
Sex Cells and Evita party are two things I really enjoy here in L.A. Also Maebe A. Girl's Green Eggs and Glam Brunch show in Silver Lake is one hell of a good time!

Valentine will be at Fuentes' Sex Cells event with Marc Almond tonight at the Globe Theater, but don't look for any of the get-ups above. He'll be “incognito” (without a mask) tonight.

See more of his lethal looks on Instagram at @TheValentineAnger.

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