“We know the bible was not written as a science book, although whatever it says about science is true,” state the authors of 1977's remarkable Science for Christian Schools Grade 5.

The book — discovered in a Burbank junkshop and the subject of this week's Studies in Crap post on our Style Council blog — argues against all the scientific bugaboos that have in recent decades increasingly been rejected by wide swathes of the American public.

The authors argue that a missing link is impossible yet Noah's ark is literally true. This is typical of the tasks they assign their readers:

“Make a list of biblical references to storms or unusual weather occurrences. Classify these into those which were used to defeat God's enemies, those which showed God's power, and other kinds of classifications.”

There's lots more from Science for the Christian School over at Studies in Crap. But to be fair, don't click through until you've considered this advice from the book's authors:

“God gave us our marvelous senses for His glory. Be careful about the kind of things you listen to or look at.”

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