The media has been roundly criticized for its “missing white woman syndrome” — giving way more play to missing, young (attractive) Anglo females than those of other ages and ethnicities.

So it's refreshing when we buck the trend.

Nancy Grace, who has made a franchise of missing women of all backgrounds via her eponymous CNN show, takes a look at the perplexing case of missing black woman Lesley Herring tonight.

It's been about two years since her case hit the news in L.A. One thing that seemed strange to police when Herring first disappeared:

Her husband hadn't reported her gone. No, it was her sister, Aasha Davis, who told authorities that Herring went missing from her Hollywood condominium complex.

Nancy Grace; Credit: CNN

Nancy Grace; Credit: CNN

And the 46-year-old disappeared a day after her and her hubby had an argument.

Cops say the man hasn't been their biggest ally in the search for Herring.

“I would describe his cooperation as fragmented and less than helpful,” LAPD Det. Chris Gable told ABC7.

The husband reportedly told cops he went to sleep the night of the argument and that when he woke up on Feb. 9, 2009, she was gone.

Herring is 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds.

Anyone with information about her was asked to call police at 213-972-2915.

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