The foodie's documentarian, Les Blank, director of “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers,” “All in this Tea,” and “Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe,” which, though only 20 minutes long, is quite possibly the most perfect union of food and film ever captured on celluloid, will pay a visit to the Silent Movie Theater this Thursday as part of the theater's “Making of” series.

The Cinefamily will be screening Blank's “Burden of Dreams,” which chronicles the insanely perilous production of “Fitzcarraldo,” Herzog's film about one man's struggle to build an opera house in the Amazon jungle — a feat achievable only by hauling an enormous boat over a mountain, sans special effects.

The event marks the culmination of an outstanding month-long series that included “The Sacrifice” with “Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky” and Lars Von Trier's ” with “The Humiliated”.

To celebrate, Blank will prepare and serve a several dishes he discovered in the upper Amazon of Peru during the making of “Fitzcarraldo.”

He's still playing with menu options: Masato, for one, which Blank described in an email to Cinefamily director Hadrian Belove as “what the Amazonian Indians make from boilled yucca roots…chewed up by women and spat out into a trough with water added. The enzymes in their spit starts a conversion of starch into sugar, creating alcohol,” and beef hearts. “Guinea pig might be fun, too.” He added. “And Pisco.”

Still no word if Werner Herzog's shoe, prepared according to Alice Waters' recipe, will also be featured.

Credit: Flickr ajkinik

Credit: Flickr ajkinik

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