Note Change of Venue, Date Below

It's been 43 years since “sick,” “dirty” standup comedian Lenny Bruce

died of a morphine overdose in Los Angeles, but his legacy lives on —

not only in the candid ways in which Americans from academia to the

pulpit now feel free to discuss human behavior, or the liberating (and

sometimes not so liberating) outpouring of profanity allowed on

nightclub stages, but also in our awareness of the importance of the

First Amendment in every day life. And now, it lives on in the man's

possessions, which his daughter is putting up for the highest bid. Kitty Bruce has announced that proceeds from her father's memorabilia sale

will go to Lenny's House, a Pennsylvania alcohol and drug recovery home

for women.

The bidding inventory not only includes Bruce's stuff, such

as his typewriter, photos, private letters and even one of the trench

coats he'd wear to clubs like the hungry i or Cafe Au Go Go, but also

items donated by Elizabeth Taylor, Hugh Hefner, Chris Rock and others.

Although the auction will be held online beginning October 13th, it'll conclude very much in person October 28 at the Hollywood Laugh Factory (323-656-1336 ext 1), with comics Richard Lewis, Paul Mooney, Paul Provenza, Rick Overton and Bobby Slayton participating. See

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