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Lennart Krech, a young and successful entrepreneur and founder of two businesses, IG Elites and LPA Media LLP, talks about his motivation behind the immensely successful businesses.

Always keen about being a part of the business world one day, Lennart Krech decided to start his entrepreneurial journey a little early in life. When he was in high school, the young entrepreneur made up his mind to start his own social media marketing agency, but the circumstances that came with young age and inexperience didn’t allow for the venture to kick off.

Over the next few years, Lennart made sure he polished his skills, learned the ropes of the business world, and also managed to gain plenty of experience in the field that he had always been so passionate about. Fast forward to the present day, the young businessman has reached a stage where he has successfully launched his second business as well, that deals with building an Instagram following and helping clients monetize their content, to benefit from the infinite potential that the social media platforms hold in terms of minting money from home – provided the clients seeks the right person for the job. In which case Lennart has proved himself remarkably; that his company is the best place to help people become known and famous in no time. It is not by accident but by sheer hard work, that Krech now has a loyal following of 3.1 million and growing constantly.

Despite the success that everyone sees now, it wasn’t always a smooth ride for young Lennart, and like every successful and innovative entrepreneur, struggles are a given. Lennart Krech had to walk down the same bumpy road to become who he is now, and regardless of the hardships, he is extremely grateful for the lessons he learned along the way and improved his business expertise based upon those tough experiences.

“Missing support from other people and feeling lonely at the beginning – before even seeing any return on what I was doing and failing my first business (a marketing agency, I was going to Gyms trying to pitch them marketing products),” says Lennart.

Lennart Krech’s persistence has paid off when it comes to making his mark in the industry and managing to stand out with two successful businesses. His Instagram Education platform has helped thousands with understanding the ins and outs of gaining an audience, making content, and monetizing it, all on their own.

“Our approach to Instagram and social media, in general, is very different, we’re focused on aggressive scaling and market domination,” explains Krech.

Regardless of the success of the two businesses, Lennart never stops aiming to become a better version of himself than what he was the day before. Moreover, this leads to being better at business and client handling, as one is always in a learning process through different experiences encountered.

“Being the best and being known as the best social media marketing service provider soon,” shares Lennart while talking about his motivation.

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