Lefse Records, the brand new Sacramento-based label behind Brooklyn's fuzzy up-and-comer Neon Indian, has just released a free, 18-song compilation introducing the world (relatively speaking) to its quite talented roster. Oddly enough, however, that roster includes nary a Northern Californian. Instead — alongside Neon, an Icelander (My Summer As A Salvation Soldier) and St. Louis' Phaseone (who's remixed Panda Bear and Burial) — the region best represented on the Lefse Records Compilation is, wait for it, sunny Southern California.

This set of songs is mighty consistent in terms of quality, featuring a generous handful of inspired and unexpected intersections of dark folk, '80s revisionism, trippy etherea and, occasionally, dubstep. The ghostly guitar music comes chiefly from a collective that seems to revolve around San Diego, including Lefse acts Emily Neveu, Giant Ears, Calico Horse (a duo comprising the previous two), The Traditionalist, Cuckoo Chaos and Tape Deck Mountain. More MP3s (including Neveu's incredible cover of Radiohead's “Idioteque”) can be found on the Lefse site via the individual artists' profiles.

various artists – Lefse Records Compilation (ZIP)

Lefse Records Compilation

01. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier – “activismV2”

02. A Grave With No Name – “Open Water”

03. The Silent League – “Here's a Star” (Neon Indian remix)

04. Emily Neveu – “Swallowing a Swallow”

05. Friend – “What Is It”

06. Calico Horse – “Ivory”

07. The Traditionist – “Three Legged Dog”

08. Giant Ears – “Fake Hotel”

09. Julian Lynch – “Two Babes in the Woods”

10. Julian Lynch – “Onward Flour”

11. Boddicker – “Your Smart”

12. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier – “Monuments”

13. Tape Deck Mountain – “In the Dirt”

14. Neon Indian – “Should Have Taken Acid With You”

15. Cuckoo Chaos – “Slowly Counting Down to Nothing”

16. Phaseone – “Marty & Sonietta”

17. Phaseone – “(Only) Reprise”

18. Sunnybrook – “Willow Whale”

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