BlogWorld, the annual blogging and social media convention, is coming to Los Angeles this year. and we couldn't be happier.

The event is billed as “the world's largest social media conference and new media industry tradeshow,” which, in layman's terms, means it's the epicenter of bullshit. We joke.

But seriously, at BlogWorld you'll learn how to:

-#Use #hashtags.

-Turn the old journalism upside down and use ALL CAPS LIKE YOU'RE YELLING AT PEOPLE.

-Piss people off, just for the web traffic.

-Write conversationally — OMG, like totally, you know, going all blogadelic on it, yo — stuff that would make your mom vomit.

-Earn $5 a post, via some ad you saw on Craigslist (the check's in the mail).

-Wait forever to get to the actual news.

Oh yeah, so this thing happens Nov. 3 through 5 and is expecting 4,000 pajama-wearing virgins attendees.

The nerd-fest event took place in Vegas previously.

We're expecting a major statement trumpeting the move as another sign L.A. is the place to be from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa any minute now.

[Press release].

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