Who is this League of Imaginary Scientists, anyway? Turns out they're part-time comedians, pseudo performance artists, half subatomic particles and 100 percent awesome. As this winter's winners of the Museum of Contemporary Art's “Engagement Party,” MOCA's showcase of new works by SoCal artist collectives, the Imaginary Scientists present three programs bound to blow your mind: “Wormholes,” wherein transdimensional jumps originate with actual worms; “The Automatoggle,” an invention of such power I dare not even describe it, except to say that it makes toast; and “The Zephyr Experiment,” mocking rockets. Want to join the League? They're a self-proclaimed “non-exclusive society for creative scientists, mechanically inclined artists, absurdist inventors and self-proclaimed quacks,” so if this sounds like you, please turn yourself in to the authorities immediately.

Thu., Jan. 6, 7 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly