Leading Ladies: Top 10 Women You Need to Know in 2023

01.             Safia Lasman

SafiaLasman is an extraordinary figure in the real estate realm, captivating numerous individuals with her impressive repertoire of accomplishments. As a distinguished real estate agent at The Agency, she has left an indelible mark and persists in transcending boundaries through her pioneering methods.

Safia’s diligence and self-made path in her career have been pivotal in her success, having transitioned from a modest background in Russia to the US, overcoming linguistic obstacles, lack of financial support, high-profile connections, and an established network. However, her exceptional ambition and determination have propelled her to unparalleled heights in the real estate sector, enabling her to pursue her passion and establish herself as a source of inspiration for individuals worldwide.

Despite facing intense competition, Safia has adeptly navigated the real estate landscape, advocating for a client-centric approach and providing exceptional services to homeowners and buyers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. She has established a community of individuals who share similar values and appreciate her unwavering commitment to understanding her client’s requirements and objectives, resulting in the triumphant achievement of their real estate ambitions.

Safia’s future plans involve continuing to work on significant and influential projects that inspire change and widen people’s perspectives. She will persist in her efforts to elevate the status quo, continually motivating others to chase their own dreams and achieve uncharted heights. Her vision and determination are invaluable, dismantling historical and traditional barriers to pave the way for novel and prosperous ventures. With her unwavering motivation and unparalleled dedication, Safia will continue to inspire others to realize their full potential.

02.             Paris S Chanel

Paris S Chanel is a multi-faceted talent, blazing her way to success as an entrepreneur, model, full-time luxury fashion and travel influencer/blogger, doctoral student, and chief marketing officer of her family’s seafood restaurant, Crab’ N Go Seafood Palace. Paris’s leadership stands out for its creative and innovative approach, intertwined with a strong, reliable business strategy. She lives and works according to authentic, empathetic, and compassionate values. This unique combination of intelligence, creative flair, and sensitivity allows her to unite her audience—fans and clients alike—in a common journey, encouraging each one to reach for their dreams and blaze new trails in the process.

Paris’s journey started at the age of 12 when she discovered modeling, taking her first classes at John Robert Powers. After a hiatus, she resumed her craft, received a couple of gigs, and made connections across the country, working as a model for various companies. Paris’s hustle led her to become the CEO of her modeling and talent agency, which she closed down in 2022 to focus on her influencer work.

As an influencer, Paris offers content creation services through brand partnerships, social media posting, user-generated content, and event appearances. She works with tourism boards to capture the best content of their cities and states, models for brand campaigns and appears in commercials. Her goal is to become an icon in the field, and she travels to major fashion shows worldwide, working with the creme de la creme.

Paris believes that success comes from setting firm goals, staying determined, fighting through obstacles, and not giving up in the face of rejection. In the next five years, she sees herself as very accomplished, having obtained her Doctorate, written several books, gone on speaking tours, and traveled the world to attend major fashion events. Paris’s journey exemplifies the power of hard work, determination, and perseverance in achieving trailblazing status. Her ambition, innovation, and authenticity inspire others to pursue their dreams with grit and grind, ultimately leading to success.

03.             Nina Svet

Nina Svet, known as @SOLANAPRINCESS on Twitter, is a trailblazing female entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the world of blockchain art. As a model and NFT influencer, she has helped to promote and popularize the use of NFTs within the fashion industry. She recognized the potential of NFTs early on and saw an opportunity to become a leading voice in the industry. What stood out to her at the beginning was the absence of female voices in the NFT space, and she decided to fill that gap.

Nina’s expertise in NFTs and her knack for identifying emerging trends and ventures have earned her an excellent reputation as a trustworthy advisor and consultant. She believes in facilitating female-led initiatives and striving for greater equity in an area that, unfortunately, is still dominated by men. Her passion and commitment to empowering women ensure that they benefit from this thriving sector.

Nina offers valuable advice to entrepreneurs starting out in the constantly changing business environment – stay informed about the latest trends and technologies! She knows first-hand the challenges associated with being a female in a predominantly male industry like crypto. Despite the biases and stereotypes that she may face, Nina is determined to continue expanding her digital kingdom and provide education about web3 and investment opportunities related to NFTs.

Nina’s ambitious future plans include expanding her offerings by advising NFT projects, investing in opportunities, and collecting unique NFTs. She aims to create meaningful and impactful content that inspires change and expands people’s horizons. Others can be inspired by Nina’s innovative approach, trailblazing status, and dedication to empowering women in the NFT space.

04.             Stefaniya Makarova

Stefaniya Makarova is an outstanding figure in the entertainment industry who inspires countless individuals with her impressive range of talents. As an acclaimed actress, model, journalist, producer, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and activist, she has made a lasting impression and continues to break barriers with her groundbreaking approach.

Stefaniya’s work ethic and self-made approach to her career have been instrumental in her success, having moved from a small town in Russia to the US without language, financial support, a high-profile degree, connections, or network. Yet, her ambition and drive have taken her to unparalleled heights in theater, modeling, film, and television, carving out opportunities for herself to follow her passion and earning a position as an inspiration to women everywhere.

Despite being only 5’4”, Stefaniya has actively participated in runway shows, advocating for diversity and inclusivity, launching a PETITE Movement – Personality Empowerment To Intelligence To Enlightenment – for petite models. She has created a community of like-minded individuals who value personality over height in modeling. Stefaniya streams a series as a journalist on Amazon Fire TV and Roku and has produced an inspirational short film that has received multiple awards at film festivals in America and internationally. Stefaniya’s future plans include continuing to work on impactful and meaningful projects that inspire change and broaden people’s horizons.

She will continue to strive for the successful elevation of current conditions, continuously motivating others to pursue their own ambitions and reach unimagined heights. Her foresight and tenacity are invaluable, breaking down historical and traditional barriers and allowing for new and prosperous eras. With her motivation and incomparable commitment, she will keep inspiring others to maximize their potential.

05.             Kasia Sterriker

Dr. Kasia Sterriker is a European Environmental Artist and Biophilic Designer with an impressive career spanning London, Dubai, Paris, and Geneva. Her background as an academic and scientist allowed her to provide patented solutions for sustaining plants and enhancing their growth cycles. With two PhDs in Environmental Engineering and Landscape Architecture, Kasia has a unique ability to combine scientific knowledge and artistic talent to create sustainable living works of art that transform environments.

As a philanthropic educationalist, Kasia works with non-profit organizations and schools to educate about environmental architecture and psychology. She is also a horticulture therapist who dedicates her time to voluntary work in hospices. Kasia’s creations are popular worldwide, showcased in exhibitions and on TV and radio presentations.

In recent years, Kasia and her husband, Paul Sterriker, ventured into their own property development and transformation projects. Inspired by this experience, Kasia decided to dedicate more time to environmental art, collaborating with her father, Wlodek Pietraszko, an international bonsai master. They relocated to Dubai to introduce the UAE to Kasia’s unique form of environmental art, made from materials that thrive in the region.

As a Biophilic designer, Kasia aims to optimize the use of organic materials in her art, paying tribute to nature. She is convinced that art can nurture the spirit and bring solace to people’s bodies and minds. Her ambitious plans involve creating a new portfolio of works to display in Dubai in the latter part of 2023. Through her impressive accomplishments, Kasia has become a role model for aspiring artists and scientists. She demonstrates the importance of evolving one’s art and works based on ideas that optimize the use of organic materials, paying tribute to nature’s beauty.

06.             Jennifer Berta

Jennifer Berta, CEO and founder of Nalu Bay Swimwear, exemplifies the power of persistence, creativity, and passion. Jennifer’s journey began as a swimwear model while studying at Illinois State University. She soon realized her passion for the “behind the scenes” aspect of the industry. This experience, combined with her time at Model Act Studios in Schaumberg, Illinois, provided Jennifer with the knowledge and drive to launch her own swimwear line, Nalu Bay Swimwear.

Despite facing initial challenges, Jennifer’s unwavering belief in her brand and tireless work ethic led to remarkable success. Today, Nalu Bay Swimwear boasts over 20 thousand brand ambassadors, 300 bikini styles and prints, and a full boutique line. Jennifer’s entrepreneurial journey serves as a testament to her unwavering spirit. She intends to impart her valuable insights through her forthcoming book titled “Traditional Woman and CEO,” which is set to be published in 2024.

Jennifer’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of persistence and learning from inevitable failures. Her advice underscores the value of resilience and determination in overcoming the daily challenges faced by business owners, particularly in the fashion industry.

With ambitious future plans, Jennifer envisions expanding Nalu Bay Swimwear and adding more lines while also increasing the brand’s involvement in philanthropy and non-profit benefits. As Jennifer Berta continues to break barriers and redefine success in the swimwear industry, her story will undoubtedly motivate others to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness.

07.             Victoria Surma

Victoria Surma, the CEO, and founder of The Peonies Shop – luxury flowers delivery, has made a name for herself in the flower business with over 12 years of experience. Her innovative approach and trailblazing status have set her apart from others in the industry, attracting luxury flower lovers as her specific audience.

Despite facing challenges along the way, Victoria’s hard work has paid off, making The Peonies Shop a top flower delivery service in Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, and she is planning to expand to six more locations. Her vision of making peonies dominant in the flower industry has become a reality as she sources them from various countries to sell all year round, alongside other luxury flowers for all occasions.

As the CEO, Victoria develops the design of the arrangements personally, while a team of the best florists helps implement them. Each flower arrangement is made with soul and love, as evident from the number of returning customers and orders received.

Victoria’s success and the entrepreneurial journey can inspire others to follow their passions and not wait too long to try something. She sees herself and her business as a market leader in the next five years, continuing to delight customers with the beauty of flowers and expanding her reach. Through her unique contributions and commitment to quality, Victoria exemplifies the power of hard work and innovation in creating a successful business.

08.             Irina Mir

Irina Mir is a trailblazer in the beauty industry, boasting nearly a decade of experience as a licensed California esthetician and the proud owner of Ecstatic Spa. Irina and her team of experts provide a personalized approach to each client, ensuring that they feel satisfied and happy with their spa experience. Ecstatic Spa specializes in transformation, offering innovative skincare services to address various skin issues using only the latest and most advanced equipment.

Irina’s Spa is known for its microcurrent treatments, which are popular among Hollywood’s A-List celebrities. She uses the NeurotriS Machine, which is loved by Madonna and Paris Hilton, and described by Jennifer Aniston as “workouts for your face.” Irina’s microcurrent treatments help clients maintain their skin’s firmness, volume, and vibrant, luminous glow.

Ecstatic Spa also incorporates unique facial massage techniques that sculpt the face and soften wrinkles. Irina is always on the cutting edge of the beauty industry, continually honing her expertise and elevating her craft. She has become a beacon of inspiration for others, setting the standard and propelling the beauty and skincare community forward with her pioneering vision. At Ecstatic Spa, Irina strives for perfection, and her expertise and commitment to excellence have made her an industry leader. By providing personalized and innovative skincare services, Irina empowers clients to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Irina’s ambitious future plans involve expanding her spa’s offerings, incorporating the latest advancements in skincare technology, and training others in her techniques. Through her achievements, Irina serves as an inspiration to others in the beauty industry, showcasing how innovative approaches can lead to trailblazing success.

09.             Monica Byers

Monica Byers, the visionary owner of Mother Trucker Inc., has established herself as a leading woman in the trucking industry. Her innovative Mother Trucker brand focuses on delivering unparalleled quality and comfort to truckers through its thoughtfully designed apparel line. The brand is also environmentally conscious, featuring luxurious bamboo shirts, and plans to introduce organic cotton, utilizing biodegradable bags and packaging.

Mother Truckers apparel is tailored for truckers, offering comfort and style on and off the road. The distinctive logo, with or without the truck, seamlessly transitions from work to leisure, garnering a reputation for quality and setting the brand apart from competitors. As the #1 apparel choice for truckers, Mother Trucker demonstrates its dedication to the trucking community, building a solid presence at truck shows, truck stops, and trucking-related businesses while providing excellent customer service and support.

Monica’s ambitious vision extends beyond apparel as she works on developing an online app for trucking companies. This comprehensive platform facilitates seamless communication, job postings, and essential documentation required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). In addition, with an integrated wallet feature, CDL drivers can easily apply for jobs and share their qualifications with potential employers, streamlining the application process.

Mother Trucker’s commitment to empowering truckers is evident in its efforts to provide valuable resources such as reminders for expiration dates, updates on business licenses, UCR registration, and clearinghouse information. In addition, the brand is exploring the creation of an energy drink catering to the unique needs of truckers.

Monica Byers’ pioneering spirit and relentless drive inspire others to push boundaries and reimagine their industries. As she continues to innovate and expand the Mother Trucker brand, her ambitious plans promise to uplift and support the trucking community in new, meaningful ways.

10.             Lexi Lucks

Alexandrea Bretz, known as Lexi Lucks, is a trailblazing personality, influencer, dancer, and model residing in Los Angeles. As a 27-year-old trans-docu-series personality, she first gained recognition on the show “Hooked on the Look,” where she showcased her transition from male to female and made headlines for her extreme looks.

Originally from Alaska, Lexi faced difficulty choosing her collegiate studies but eventually earned a Bachelor’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on dance and business. She has since become a jack-of-all-trades, producing her pop venue featuring trans burlesque dancers under the name Lexi Lucks Productions, and working with various nightclubs throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

As an influencer, Lexi creates content featuring her favorite cosplay/video game characters and shares her love for gaming with her followers. Her commitment to being straight-edge and strutting herself as a beauty queen is evident as she prepares to enter the Miss California USA competition in June.

Lexi’s ambition for self-expression and dedication to embracing her true self are an inspiration to many. She sets a great example for all of us, and her future plans reflect her ambitious attitude and commitment to her craft. Lexi is determined to capture her journey in a biography that not only provides insight and entertainment but celebrates her hard work and encourages others to find their own meaningful path.

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