LCD Soundsystem have been in town the past several weeks recording their latest record, and they're not laying down tracks in any ol' Hollywood abode either. Mutual pals tell us that leader James Murphy has been living in and making new music at the Laurel Canyon estate owned by Rick Rubin called “The Mansion” best known as the locale where The Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic was created.

The place is rumored to be haunted, which may or may not be why Murphy's been out and about after dark so much the past few months. Whatever the reason, the man (and his partner Pat Mahoney) recently illuminated a slew of LA clubs with high-profile gigs and even more strictly word-of-mouth DJ sets.

This slinky disco set at Control with Tiga (below) was well-touted, as was Mahoney's Shit & Giggles-scheduled appearance at Club 740 a couple months ago. The latter ultimately didn't end up happening due to illness (hangoveritis, perhaps?).

The secret LCD gigs have been at decidedly smaller spots: La Boum at Bardot in Hollywood, Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park and Temporary Spaces on Fountain and Normandie, the last of which is supposed to be a monthly thing. We wont reveal when the next one is exactly (the place gets packed enough) but Murphy just spun for the second time this past Tuesday, so figure it out.

LCD seems so smitten with our fair city, their DFA label's message board actually has a poll asking fans how long they think Murphy will stay here. Even more proof: the hot track he's been testing at recent club pop-ins is called “Love In LA.” According to T.S. proprietor Sean Patrick it's a hit too. He told us, “The crowd went bananas for it!”

LCD's MySpace page indicates appearances by Murphy and Mahoney for their “Special Disco Version” parties in the UK and Spain this week (maybe the June gloom scared 'em away?) but LCDevotees shouldn't fret for too long. We hear -as the Governator once said- they'll be back.

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