Laying the foundation of UAE’s first Technical Support Company to Secure Websites & Electronic Accounts

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Internet is part of our daily lives; it not just plays an integral role; it has completely dominated our lives. With time, the dependence on the digital space is rapidly growing and has reached an extent where we prefer paying bills, shopping, and transferring money online. It is convenient, and there is no doubt about it, but with convenience comes risks attached to it as well. The threat in the guise of cyberattacks is real. It is time that companies and organizations start prioritizing cyber safety and security more than anything else.

This is where Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Alhammadi, more professionally known as Saud Bin Ahmed, is helping companies operate without any concerns about cyber threats. Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Alhammadi is an Emirati entrepreneur and Founder of Technical Support Company to Secure Websites and Electronic Accounts. Born in 1985, he is a public figure, digital creator, awareness film director, and animation creator and has also been an Unlimited Technology presenter At Sharjah Radio.

Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Alhammadi & his provides services for securing electronic accounts and servers from hackers. They also provide services to close the gaps for the dangerous ports in the websites and servers as well as troubleshoot the technical issues in social media while helping to recover hacked accounts, producing awareness videos for people, etc. The main objective behind his firm is to ensure a risk-free and secure environment for keeping the data, network, and devices guarded against cyberattacks.

“Protecting businesses against the menace of advanced cyberattacks as systems, tools, and applications are scattered in a hybrid environment – cloud and on-premises – security operations teams often struggle with threat detection and response,” shares Saud Bin Ahmed. He further went on to say, “Our security operations and response services help you to leverage AI-powered threat detection and incident response to eliminate false positives, focus on threats that matter, and improve response times.”

Since 2020, Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Alhammadi’s firm has been managing the server for Global Jet Technic Company and providing adequate services by managing aviation maintenance servers and security as well as the safety of their websites against all cyber incidents. The firm became a regular consultant after he recovered their hacked servers, protecting their data and information. Some of his other clients include Kuwaiti actor Ghadeer Al Sabti, actress and TV presenter Roaa Alsabban, and music artist Mohammad Al Fares. Then there is producer and presenter Marwa Al Hel, Himaya Foundation for Women and Children, and Salem al Shuaibi Jewellery, among others.

As far as Technical Support Company to Secure Websites and Electronic Accounts is concerned, it supports its clients through a holistic strategic plan, incorporating a complete security program for every company or client from any industry. The objective of the strategic plan is to chart a course for the organization to develop a more mature security environment and evolve that environment over time. What distinguishes them from their competitors is their excellent customer service, which helps build a strong online presence and rewards customer loyalty.

According to Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Alhammadi, this is an important field and is also mentally stimulating. In addition, there are many specialties you can choose from, seeing how the field is growing and expanding. There is no denying that no profession is easy. To make a name in any area, you must be consistent and work hard to achieve your goals. As an entrepreneur, he aims on making other aspiring business people to be resilient, focused, and prioritize important tasks!

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