Turns out LAX is the top airport in the nation for laser crime. That's right, the Federal Aviation Administration says it investigated 102 reports of lasers being – illegally, we might add – pointed at planes above our fair international airport.

Why? We don't know. But here's our theory:

L.A. is also the raving capital of the nation. And ravers = kids with lasers. It's true. Laser lights and ecstasy go together like Charlie Sheen and skank. You should try it. (Wait. No. Don't try it. Ecstasy or skank. Bad for your health).

Chicago – also a big rave town – was in second place in 2010 for laser-airport crime with 98 reports.

Bob Hope Airport in Burbank? 31 laser incidents last year. Long Beach? 15.

Stop doing this, kids, nerds, and yes, ravers. The green beams can temporarily blind pilots. And if you were on that plane you wouldn't want it to crash into your friends' warehouse party.

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