No, funny people of Twitter, the suspicious package that shut down Terminal 6 at LAX this morning was not the Stanley Cup.

But the item that did rouse the suspicion of luggage inspectors just after 7 a.m. — and brought LAX police, the LAPD Bomb Squad and a herd of bomb-sniffing canines rushing to the scene — was equally ridiculous.

According to airport police, “the suspicious item was a microphone packed inside a hard plastic container with a twist cap.”

Robot vs. microphone.; Credit: @johnremus via Twitter

Robot vs. microphone.; Credit: @johnremus via Twitter

Not sure how a microphone in a plastic container could be mistaken for a bomb, but authorities weren't taking any chances: The total evacuation of Terminal 6 reportedly lasted about an hour-and-a-half, and countless flights were delayed as the notorious LAPD bomb robot extracted the suspicious suitcase and rummaged through it on the tarmac.

An “only in L.A.” suspicious package for the books! (Much like the Beverly Hills bomb that turned out to be an unwanted script in a suitcase, and the Hollywood bomb that turned out to be a WWII-era movie prop.)

But no LAX entertainment-industry mishap would be complete without a hot blonde porn star to Tweet about it.

Some chapters from Samantha Saint's bomb-scare chronicle this morning:

“There's a bomb on that plane!!!” the porn star gasps in above video, before her bus driver patiently explains that it's not necessarily a bomb and it's not necessarily on a plane.

The suspect who dared pack a microphone in his or her luggage was detained and questioned for over an hour while the LAPD robot did its thing, according to LAX officials. Finally, around noon, airport police say the passenger “was allowed to continue his travel plans.”

As for dear Samantha:

LAX has yet to release the total number of flights delayed by the killer microphone.

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