“We answer to a higher authority” is Hebrew National's slogan, but at least eleven consumers in Minnesota aren't so sure: The group is suing ConAgra Foods, Inc., the parent company of Hebrew National, alleging that Hebrew National's products are not kosher. According to Reuters, the lawsuit alleges that ConAgra's meat processing provider, AER Services, Inc., “fell short of the standards necessary to label Hebrew National products as kosher,” thus misleading and defrauding consumers into paying higher prices for its products.

Hebrew National's website explains that “not only do Hebrew National franks have only the purest ingredients, but there is rabbinical supervision of the food preparation process and packaging equipment” in accordance with kosher practices. Nonetheless, the plaintiff's beef seems to lie with AER Services, which, they claim, failed to ensure that the meats processed for ConAgra indeed were kosher.

AER Services has denied the allegations, and ConAgra told Reuters that while it could not comment on the suit, it continues to stand behind Hebrew National's kosher status.

The plaintiffs are requesting that the case be certified as a class action. They're also asking for damages and an injunction on the allegedly misleading product labels.

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