Tom Bergin's may have been the latest old school casualty, but Musso & Frank's is still around after 94 years and has never changed its menu, something that could also be said for Lawry's The Prime Rib, the granddaddy of what we now know as Restaurant Row — until now.

Hundreds of hungry people recently lined the streets in blistering temperatures for a shot at a $1.25 rib dinner on the steakhouse's 75th anniversary, and now they're taking a big leap across the river of tradition and adding their first new entrée in 20 years — something Ryan Wilson, VP and executive chef, said was “not without a fight.”

Years ago they added lobster, creamed corn, and also crumbled bacon on the potatoes (and then sour cream, when they learned diners were smuggling it in themselves) but this is a bigger addition.

It was all very hush-hush of course, though it was pretty certain the addition wasn't going to be tofu delight, nor was it going to be steak filet, or a former WWII favorite from the days of rationing, turkey. No, this is a place for heavy steak, and they have bought new knives and a customized bandsaw costing around $5000 for this dish, which now can be revealed to the world: it's Lawry's Ribeye.

Non meat-lovers look away now, as the facts are that this is the best center portion of beef steak sliced from the rib, and comes as 24-oz. bone-in ($54), or 12-oz. bone-removed ($46) and is corn-fed Angus that's aged for 28 days and a few more in-house, before being seasoned and slow roasted over rock salt, and then grilled to your pleasure. It comes with scalloped potatoes and crispy onions, and their spinning bowl salad to start.

Ribeye hits the tables August 6 at the Beverly Hills location, and at other restaurants later on.

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