He's Elizabeth Taylor cavorting with trannies at the Chateau Marmont, or he's the bloody-pulp victim of a severe beating, or he's a rotten-toothed prisoner banging the bars of his dank, dark cell. L.A. musician/conceptual artiste Lawrence Rothman's videos portray the protagonist as an ever-mutating assemblage of characters who communicate via Rothman's rich baritone croon and moody house/R&B/noir-cinema production. Surgically probing the murky recesses of his troubled self (selves), Rothman creates an invitingly strange, Lynchian world, zeroing in on the worst of life in order to make something like the best of life. Rothman brings several new personas to his residency every Monday night in April at the Bootleg; tonight's event also features Gallant and Jarell Perry.

Mon., April 21, 8:30 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 04/21/14)

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