New York City has always had an unfair monopoly on “Law and Order.” One year at the height of the franchise's powers, there were more homicides on the various “Law and Order” series during one calendar year than actual murders committed in New York City. So, now, with Terrence Howard playing a prosecutor, we get our own. Unfortunately, the best detective, Jerry Orbach's Briscoe, is dead, so we can't have him. Too bad. But anyway, the franchise is famous for playing around with real-life stories. Which L.A. crime stories will qualify and what special twist will writers offer to make the true life story fiction? Some candidates, after the jump….

1. The “Grim Sleeper.” Twist: Weekly reporter Christine Pelisek, who broke much of the coverage, is the real killer, using her stories to set up the suspect.

2. A porn actor kills another porn star with a machete. No twist required.

3. Bell: A City Council member in a working class ethnic city, who somehow doesn't make as much as money as his fellow council members, blackmails them, saying he'll blow the whistle on their salaries, as well as that of the city manager and police chief. A murder conspiracy ensues.

4. Pot shop murders. Twist: An anti-pot activist has done the killings to make the pot shops seem dangerous so that Prop 19, this year's pot legalization initiative, fails.

Yeah, maybe we should stick to the day job…..

LA Weekly