In yet another case for keeping your stream of consciousness off Facebook when you've got something to lose — namely, a job — one anonymous parent recently stumbled across the profile of El Sereno Middle School science teacher Nicole Tsugranes. (Who, it turns out, is also a professional wrestler under the moniker Nikki the NY Knockout.)

A couple screen shots later, Tsugranes' rants are in the hands of two Los Angeles Times reporters, the entire L.A. board of education and, most unfortunately, the Weekly.

What the El Sereno parent found on Tsugranes' profile is none too shocking:

In fact, it's exactly what we always knew our teachers were thinking about us. The problem lies in a modern-day problem we like to call treating your iPhone's Facebook app like it's your BFF on half-off margarita night. Because what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet, and in cases of unprofessionalism by a public employee, that's definitely not a good thing.

Let the shitstorm begin:

Tsugranes is listed in the El Sereno Middle School staff directory as a “Science Teacher/MESA Advisor.”

She's got other questionables plastered all over Google, as well: a sexed-up wrestling profile, in which she sports a strategically raggedy red number, and in-the-ring photos that could send a 12-year-old's hormones into rage mode.

Lesson: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't make it a status update. Or at least screen your friend requests, for pete's sake.


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