Is it a good idea to have a cannabis-infused dinner with a guy who often shows up at food festivals as a banana? If your answer is absolutely, then Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen — who also has arrived in full lederhosen garb or, more recently, a tauntaun — has quite a prospect for you: On April 1, chef Laurent Quenioux and Starry Kitchen's chef Thi Tran will team up to host a Weed+Chinese Herb Dinner, a seven- to eight-course extravaganza of some of the senses featuring your favorite medicinal plants. There is room for just 30 diners, though, so the team has come up with the most democratic means of choosing the lucky 30: a personality quiz.


The quiz actually is optional, sort of: You are required to submit only your name and email address for your chance to win an invitation to the dinner. Your chances increase, however, if you answer the “fun” personality quiz that begins after you enter your basic contact information. “We just want to get a feel for ya (and kinda make sure you're not a d-bag, because no one wants that at a fun dinner like this, right?!?!)” they explain. If ever there was a time to overshare information about yourself to a group of strangers — more than you already do, anyway — now would be the time to do it.

That said, you are being judged on your suitability as a dining companion, so you might want to consider your answers carefully. It's probably not the best idea, for example, to suggest Rick Santorum in reply to who you would bring to the dinner. Even if you really would if you could. Choose someone else. And maybe don't confess The Blob or The Nightmare Before Christmas in response to the one about which movie best represents you as a person. Unfortunately, we have no advice for “If you could live your life as a potato chip, what would you be?” though we can refer you to The Metamorphosis for inspiration.

Winners will be chosen by March 13. It is a lot of work for one dinner that you ultimately will have to pay $150 per person to attend if you do “win,” but would your time be better spent updating your online dating profile instead? Is it any coincidence that the dinner is on April Fool's Day? Exactly.

LA Weekly