Buried deep within the thousands of pages of appendices to the Laura Richardson ethics report, there is this little nugget of news.

Even after her foreclosure fiasco, Richardson still considers herself a potential candidate for statewide office.

It sounds crazy, but think about it.

Who better to lead a bankrupt state than a woman who defaulted eight times on her mortgages and lost a house to foreclosure?

Here's the background:

Last year, Capitol Weekly ran a report on the high staff turnover rate in Richardson's office. Richardson did not release a comment for the story. After it ran, she argued in an e-mail to her staff that that was a mistake.

As I said when we first discussed this story, it is my opinion that continuing to allow negative stories/ ignore press requests with no positive response I believe is a mistake at this point given all the negative press that has occurred… [F]irst thing next week, we should discuss a strategy to respond to the Sacramento press… Finally, it further undermines my ability if I were ever to consider running statewide which I have no intentions of but shutting the door internal [sic] is an error I believe.

Oh, honey. No.

Richardson can probably get reelected to Congress for as long as she likes. For anything beyond that, the door seems to be shut internally, externally, and every other way.

LA Weekly