Laura Mvula Blasts Pink Noise: British R&B singer Laura Mvula has released a banging new single and video called “Got Me.” The song is from her new album Pink Noise, out July 2 through Atlantic.

With an intro reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel,” Mvula comes in with the opening line, “Woke up this morning with your touch on my mind, your kisses take me on some heavenly ride.” We all know what that feels like.

The song and video are gloriously ’80s — synth beats and fluorescent pink/yellow. It’s a joyful experience, and not simply because of some nostalgia-fueled fantasy. It’s been a rough year, and something this soaked in fun is a breath of fresh air.

“When it comes to music, I want to be able to be all that I am without hiding, without fighting with myself,” Mvula said in a statement. “We’re already in what feels like some kind of global claustrophobia – we’re locked in and we need to come out and we need to break out. That’s what this music is to me and I just want to share it. I want people to feel free.”

Laura Mvula Blasts Pink Noise: “Got Me” is out now. The Pink Noise” album is out July 2.

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