While living as a professional comedian in England for 20 years, Steven Alan Green (pictured) was pleasantly surprised to learn that the country provides health insurance to all of its residents. “I was astonished at how much the country supports its artists, both medically and creatively,” he says. So upon his return to the United States, Green was inspired to form The Laughter Foundation, a non-profit group that helps provide health insurance for comedians in need. In addition, some of the foundation's goals include the Heckler Fund (providing one-time emergency grants for things such as rent and child support), the Clown Care Unit (hospital clowns for sick children), and eventually The Comedy Museum, a world-class institution for the preservation and study of the art of comedy. In the meantime, Green is producing a series of fundraisers, the next of which will be held this Saturday. Scheduled to take the mike along with Green are such established comics as Amy Engelhart, Melinda Hill, Rick Overton, David Feldman, Piper & Tupper, Perry Kurtz, David Feldman, Peepshow Trio, among others. In addition to individual tickets, business sponsorships are available for the event. As Green notes, sick comedy is okay, sick comedians are not. Westside Jewish Community Center, 5870 W. Olympic Blvd.

Sat., June 25, 7 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly