Last time we visited this topic we said the worst fears of some racists are being realized: Latinos are taking over California.

Well, sorry to break it to you, Lou Dobbs, but Latinos appear to be taking over the rest of the nation as well.

And in a hurry.

Yep, the Los Angelesization of the U.S.A heartland is underway (and we bet you can't wait to get your own neighborhood bacon-wrapped hot dog cart):

U.S. Census figures unleashed Thursday show that the Latino population in the country surpassed the 50 million mark for the first time, at 50.5 million.



That's nearly one in six Americans.

The country added 15 million of us from 2000 to 2010. Ay dios mio. That's an increase of 43 percent.

Our baby makin' ways and cousin-smugglin' forays (we kid) meant that Latinos accounted for more than half the country's growth in the last decade.

(Growth, folks, can be good. Not to make light of the situation in Japan, but its population is aging in a bad way in terms of productivity and the economy).

Still, Lou, you can breath easy. We don't want to re-conquer the country. (You know: You're married to one of us). And remember, we didn't land in America, America landed on us. And then put a fence up.

And, hey, 72 percent of Americans still identify as white. And that's not even counting Jessica Alba.

LA Weekly