Oh boy. John & Ken aren't going to be happy about this one.

Latinos are on track to become the biggest ethnic group in California.

That's right, the land of Ozzie and Harriet is being taken over by brown people.

According to just-released U.S. Census figures …

… Latinos now count for 14.4 million of the folks in the Golden State. And, no, they're not all in L.A. Although, Los Angeles County had the most Latinos (4.8 million) of any such jurisdiction in the United States.

Now, back to that takeover:

Latinos make up 38.2 percent of California's population. The longtime rulers of the state, white folks, make up 39.7 percent (with 15 million of you bastards out there). For the first time, Anglos have dropped below 40 percent of the Golden State's people.

You see where this is headed. And fast: Latinos will soon comprise California's biggest ethnic group.

Now, before you start comparing L.A. to Tijuana again or claiming that brown people are here to reoccupy land that once belonged to Mexico (the so-called reconquista), consider the truth:

We really like it here. Nobody wants to return to the land of dirt floors and cactus tacos. We want that Ozzie and Harriet life too. Just with bigger butts and spicier food.

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