We joke sometimes that you white folks don't have to worry — we're not here for a “reconquista” (the right-wing term for a Mexican reclamation of land that once belonged to Latinos).

Well … we were kideen!

We do want our land back.

And we're taking it one overstuffed bachelor apartment at a time.

Yes, Latinos and Asian Americans accounted for nearly all of California's growth from 2000 to 2010, according to the latest U.S. Census figures.

Actually, we don't want to turn California into Tijuana. That's what we're escaping. But we do want your women.

If there's one thing Latinos are good at, it's procreating, appreciating large, white girls, and taking over blocks.

Coming home to roost.

Coming home to roost.

California's Latino population grew 28 percent last decade while our Asian brothers and sisters (also good at some of those things too) grew by 31 percent. Latinos now number 14 million in the Golden State, and that's not just in L.A.

Latinos make up the majority of children in California, too. So, yeah, that explains the waiting lists at your local private school.

Call it Mexifornia if you will, but white people, if you want to stop this Hispanic train, you have to get to work. And we're not talking about hanging out in front of Home Depot.

Your numbers fell five percent over the same period. (You're still the biggest ethnic group, though, at 40 percent of the state).

And African Americans, wha's up? You talk big game about your bedroom prowess, and yet your population decreased by one percent.

Yes, all your Golden State are belong to us. Now learn Spanish. (Then teach us).

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