Holy mole.

Latinos will overtake whites as California's largest ethnic or racial group by March, according to a report recently issued by the office of Gov. Jerry Brown.

The shift is actually about seven months late. Dang. Latinos are even late to their own coronation as California's dominant demographic:
We're just kideen!

But seriously, Brown's office says the delay is the result of Latinos not making babies at the rate that was originally expected. So there's a stereotype defied.

All of us Californians, in fact, have slowed our roll when it comes to procreating. The governor's report spells it out:

The shift from Non-Hispanic White to Latino plurality is about seven months later than anticipated last year, primarily due to lower than expected Latino birth rates. As the Hispanic population in California continues to grow, the proportions of the other race groups will decline slightly, except for Asian, which through immigration should sustain its proportion of the population over the next five years.

And yet another notion falls: You can now look to Asians for all your immigrant stereotype needs, folks. (Again, kidding).

California's population is expected to expand by less than five percent in the next five years, the gov's office says.

Credit: Office of the governor of California

Credit: Office of the governor of California

And, uh, sorry kids: Growth in the under-25 set will see a “slight decline” in California in that time, the report says. And the “college-age population” will actually shrink by 4.5 percent.

For over-65 geezers the five-year growth rate will be close to a whopping 21 percent. If you're an optometrist you chose the right profession.

Brown's office says the numbers add up to a challenge for “sustaining economic progress” for Californians. 

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