We caused quite a stir recently by noting that Latinos are now the largest minority group on American college campuses. Critics noted that many of them are at community colleges, and one blog even decried the high-profile Latino products of universities (as if every corrupt white politician has his race's dominance of the four-year game to blame).

Well, we're back with more scary statistics about Latinos, aimed specifically at those same critics. This is the U.S. Census-derived stuff that makes some older white folks check their locks. And it's just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 through Oct. 15).

We aim to scare you (and it's not even October) with stuff like the following:

-In 2050 Latinos will reach the 133 million mark in the Unites States, comprising 30 percent of the population. Yes we're, er, fruitful (and we multiply).

-There are now more Latinos in the U.S. of A. than in any other nation besides Mexico. (Shivers, right?).

-Sixty-three percent of us in America are of Mexican background. So you know we're authentic Latinos and not the Steve Lopez kind (we kid).

-The number of Latinos in L.A. County is now … (gulp) … 4.7 million. That's more than three San Diegos. (And for those of you trying to flee us, there is no escape. Even South Carolina had a 148 percent increase in them there “Spanish” people in the last decade. The only place where you can truly find solace from this brown influx is a Baja retirement community. Irony?).

-California's Latino population is up 3 million in the last decade (that's two San Diegos).

Now go take your medication, Martha. Those are only palpitations.

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