Picture your father's beer, his sharpener of wits and marinader of meats. His remedy for kidney stones and explanation for those brown patches of grass that pop up on the front lawn. His foamy elixir, which emboldened him to woo and win your mother, and through its residual charms, conceive you and your siblings. Now, picture your father's beer, in soap form.

Developed in 2009, The Beer Soap Company invites you to lather with your lager. To scrub with your stout. Bathe with your bock. Wash with your witbier. (We could do this all day — Petite douche avec ton pilsner?)

We kid, but the company actually does utilize representatives of all of these types of beer in bases for their cold-processed soaps. And more. From a catalog of 25 varieties of beer-based soap at the time of their official opening, the ma and pa operation has grown to carry 95 different varieties of beer soap, including traditionals like Guinness Draft as well as the more exotic-types like Dogfish Head's Miles Davis Bitches Brew and seemingly everything in between. Domestic lagers for the good ol' boys, IPAs for the bougie yoga dads.

The soaps are also made with pure olive oil, unrefined cocoa and shea butter, jojoba and sweet almond oil. But you don't have to tell him that. These soaps are made for men, without synthetic fillers or artificial foaming agents. No sulfates, propylene glycol, or petroleum byproducts. Good for hair, body, and shaving. Very manly.

The Father's Day deadline for the internet shop expired last week, but you can still get your order in on Amazon, which recently began carrying about 50 varieties from The Beer Soap Co.'s stock. It's a little more expensive ($8 compared to $6.75), but they have one day shipping available so you can be sure you'll receive your order before Sunday.

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